Turbine Cascade and Heat Transfer Research

There is three dimensional heat transfer and aerodynamic analytical work for film cooled transonic turbine stages in progress.  The work is focused in

  • Film effectiveness and Aerodynamics for vane and blade rows
  • Heat transfer and Aerodynamics for vane and blade rows
  • Hot streak migration and influence of free stream turbulence on heat transfer and Aerodynamics Modeling, code development and validation for all of the above.

This work is complemented by the experimental work done by Dr. Jeff Bons.  Areas of particular interest are turbine deposition under heavy pollutants (shown below).  This research is in line with airline as well as land based customer needs.



The turbine deposition facility was installed in 2009 and is shown below.


New Facilty Replicates Flow at HP Turbine Inlet - Suitable for Deposition Studies

Another area of high interest is the experimental work carried in Low Pressure Turbine Cascade at low Reynolds numbers for boundary layer control and improved performance (shown below).