Thermal Barrier Coating for Aero and Industrial Engines

As Propulsion and Power Installations strive for improved efficiency they are moving towards higher operating temperatures.  The application of new systems forces them to operate in environmentally unfriendly environments (sound, pollutants, volcanic ash, etc.)




0.1 to 4.o mg/m3

Volcanic Ash



Thermal Barrier Coating is essential to operate in these environments.  This affects blades, vanes, combustors, shrouok.

Ash/ Sand melts in this hot environment, penetrate the pores/ cracks of the materials, react with the new coatings and form an impervious crystalline reaction layer.  The Ohio State Team has been put in place to address the design of future thermal barrier coatings for resistance to molten deposits attacks. 


Mechanisms based modeling has been put in place.  So is isothermal and thermo-mechanical gradient testing.  Strong cooperation with industry, government agencies as well as academia.