Gas Turbine Laboratory

Faculty: Dr. M Dunn

The Ohio State University Gas Turbine Laboratory incorporates full scale rotating turbines, fans, and compressors.  It runs engine hardware at design corrected conditions, can handle internal and external heat transfer, and is equipped with time averaged and time resolved aerodynamics.

It has 3 major facilities:

  1. Large blow down turbine facility
  2. Compressor in-ground spin pit facility
  3. Fan in-ground spin pit facility
    gas turbine pic.JPG

This experimental program is supported by a strong computational fluid dynamics effort:

  • UNSFLO-2D (on loan from Rolls-Royce)
  • STAR-CD (commercially available)
  • MSU-TURBO (NASA funded code)
  • Fine TURBO (Numeca) - (our work-horse code)
  • ANSYS (commercially available)

Drawing from forty years of industry experience, Director Mike Dunn has geared the lab to produce timely information that is directly useful to turbine designers. His leadership, combined with the technical skills and experience of the staff, gives the lab the versatility to perform research in all areas of gas turbine performance including heat transfer, aeromechanics, and aerodynamics. NASA recently recognized these qualities by choosing the Gas Turbine Lab's coalition with Georgia Tech and Florida A&M as the National Center of Excellence for Aeropropulsion.

fan spin pit facility.JPG

The GTL has four areas within the facilty that provide unique research opportunities, to learn more about each of this facilities click on each of the links below. 

Turbine Test Facility

Compressor Spin Pit

Large Spin Pit

Small Calibration Facility