Computational Aerodynamics and Aeromechanics

Turbomachinery Modeling and Simulation

Turbomachinery, such as compressors and turbines, is widely used in aircraft, automotive, marine, space and industrial power generation. These machines are made of multiple stages of rotors and stators in constant rotating environment, which generate very complicate flowfield. To achieve ultra efficiency for modern propulsion and power systems, there is a strong need to understand the physics of such flows. Traditional wind tunnel test is the most straightforward way to enable such understanding; but it comes with high costs and constraint on placing the measuring probes. Numerical simulation using CFD techniques has been shown in recent years as an alternative way to study such flows. CFD has the advantage over experiment in cost and unconstrained placement of measuring probes. However, the accuracy of a simulation depends on the accuracy of the mathematical model that makes up the simulation.

At Ohio State, we focus on developing and applying modeling techniques that are special to turbomachiney. Our physics-based simulator can perform fidelity aerodynamic simulation of entire compressor and turbine systems. We developed special boundary conditions to account for abnormal flows such as rotating stall and flow control as well as coupled fluid/structure interaction model to simulate open rotor blades undergoing vibration. The combined knowledge of CFD and rotating fluids put us in a unique position for turbomachinery simulation.


Open Rotor Fluid/ Structure Interaction Simulation

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