Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials

Structural Materials are the key to the innovation and the development of propulsion systems.  The creation and introduction into service of a new jet engine material advanced takes between 10 to 12 years.  A world class program is in place at The Ohio State University to reduce this development time by a factor of 2 through improved models and characterization.  A team of world class researchers and their representative activities; encompasses:

Hamish L. Fraser

(Titanium Alloys, Characterization, Alloy Synthesis)

Michael Mills

(Super alloys, Characterization, Mechanical Behavior)

Yunzhi Wang

(Phase Field Modeling)

John Wilkins

(Atomistic Potentials and Calculations )

James Williams

(High Performance Metallic Materials)

Wolfgang Windl

(Electronic Structure Calculations)

J. Cheng Zhao

(Combinatorial Synthesis and Property Measurement)

The goal of the team is to replace/ augment costly and time intensive empirical data base with microstructure sensitive, mechanism-based material models.  As characterization is key to model development, an aggressive materials characterization program in place at OSU with the latest state of the art equipment. 

This is coupled with phenomelogical modeling as well as modeling at the continuum scale.  Rules based approaches with neutral network methods produce a rapid insight into chemistry / processing microstructures projects.


This world class research is done in collaboration with industry and the US agencies.