Aircraft Engine Integration

This activity deals with the optimization of commercial/military propulsion systems throughout the flight envelope.  It relies on cycle analysis tools like NPSS (Numerical Propulsion System Simulation).  The tool analyzes the system performance, operability modeling integration, map generation, etc.  The engine architecture and weight analysis is accomplished through WATE, a NASA program.  The turbomachinery meanline Design Programs, CDE, TDE (Compressor and Turbine Design Envelopes) analyze the components performance and aerodynamica feasibility.  FLOPS (Flight Optimization Systems) deals with Mission Feasibility and Fuel Burn Optimization.  Advanced as well as convential designs can be evaluated.  Variable Cycle Engine studies can be carried out for 2 and 3 spool engines.  This work permits this group to optimize a new system without a large flight envelope.

aircraft engine pic.JPG