Aeronautical Research Facilities

The Ohio State University harbors some world class wind tunnel facilities which are used for in house as well as industry research.  A few examples:

The subsonic 3’ to 5’ open circuit low turbulence wind tunnel (fig 1).  Aerodynamic steady and unsteady measurements are taken to assess airfoil performance.  The data is being used in wing and wind turbine development.


Figure 1

The transonic 6’ x 22’ blow down wind tunnel (figure 2) runs at Mach numbers between 0.2 and 1.05 and Reynolds numbers from 1 to 106 to 24 x 106.  It is being used extensively by industry and government in the development of Aircraft and Helicopter airfoils. 


Figure 2

Our hypersonic wind turbine runs up to Mach 6, 600 psoa and to of 10000F


Figure 3

It is being used of airfoil and coating studies.

Our jet engine simulators span between 1 to 2% of full scale installations. They are being heavily utilized by for customers test cell design and tatcell evaluation.   (Figure 3)