Research Areas

Over 40 world class faculty are leading research in propulsion and power areas working with industry and government to solve dynamic problems with innovative solutions.  To learn more about specific research areas, please use the links below. 

Aircraft/Engine Integration

 M.J. Benzakein

Computational Aerodynamics

 J.P. Chen

Gas Turbine Laboratory

M Dunn

Turbine Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer

J. Bons, A. Ameri

Jet Noise Control

M. Samimy

Fan Aero Acoustics

M. Zhuang

Engine Control

R.K. Yedavalli

Structural Integrity and Health Monitoring

H. Shen

High Speed Aerodynamics/ Hypersonics

D. Gaitonde

Wind Turbine Technology

M.J.  Benzakein

Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials

M. Mills

Thermal Barrier Coatings for Aero and Industrial Engines

N. Padture

Aeronauctical Research Facilities

Gas Dynamics and Turbulence Laboratory