The Propulsion and Power Center, Creating Collaborative Opportunities for Innovation and Excellence

The Propulsion and Power Center at The Ohio State University was founded in 2010 with nearly $8 million in seed capital funding.  It compliments the strong Aerospace Aviation and Flight Activities at The Ohio State University.  These activities incorporate over 50 faculty spanning across the College of Engineering and are multidisciplinary in nature.  They capitalize on the strength of world class researchers in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Sciences, and Industrial and Aviation Systems. 

M.J. Benzakein, Ph.D.
Director, Aerospace and Aviation Collaborative Programs
Director, Propulsion and Power Center


Establish comprehensive, multidisciplinary activities focused on research and technology development as well as commercialization and education related to aerospace, aviation, and flight activities, marine based power generation, wind turbines, energy needs and the environment.


  • The premier national and international academic center of excellence for research, and education, related to aerospace, aviation, and flight activities.
  • The most attractive location for leading scholars and researchers to work in this field.
  • Making a significant contribution to the growth of Ohio’s and the US economy.

What will these programs do for you in Industry and Government?

It will help you develop your technology by:

  • Acquainting you with The Ohio State University College of Engineering.
  • Acquainting you with our university capabilities / laboratory facilities
  • Acquainting you with Professors you can work with
  • We have the development capabilities that we hope you will consider / use
  • We are marketing technologists as well as technology

What are these programs Operating Principles?

Coordination of research and teaching

  • No duplication of effort or new facilities
  • Incentive collaboration
  • Share resources - capital equipment

"One face to the customer" culture

  • Optimize team proposals
  • Maximize use of available resources

How can we help you?

  • Ohio State University have research facilities with advanced instrumentation and computational tools run by university professors with access to graduate students.
  • Ohio State University facilities have been jointly modernized by State and University funding
  • Ohio State University is seeking research opportunities
  • Ohio State will work with you to develop your idea
    • You will retain all publications rights
    • You will be exposed to Ohio's engineering students
  • You will have the opportunity to work directly with academia
  • Lower cost labor pool
  • Enriched academic environment
    • Extensive background/ experience in basic research
  • Free-up your own people to pursue other ventures
  • University collaboration